Knew He Took HGH

10.9.14 @ 6:16p

It feels a bit reassuring that I can accuse people of wrongdoing without any evidence. When Adrian Petersen came back from an ACL tear injury at the end of the 2011 season and came back the following season to almost break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record, I was a little suspicious. While watching Adrian explain that he didn’t take HGH when rehabbing his knee back to health I had a couple of thoughts about what he was telling us. I thought to myself Rafael Palmeiro seemed sincere to Congress as did his finger. Ryan Braun looked very good on camera with his hair brushed and also came across as very serious and earnestly tried to clear up his name, and attacked someone (the piss handler/tester) so vigorously, publicly, that I feel he can never recover from and earn back our trust. Hopefully bye bye Hall for him.

Adrian had a nice smile and shrugs while saying “It’s a complement in a way mein (man) because in the end of the day, it’s all the work I put in.” Hardly convincing and especially after the debacle he is in now with his child abuse case. I just got done watching Olbermann report how he told the drug tester while pissing in a cup that he smoke weed earlier, breaking one of the rules and conditions of his bond. $15,000 is not too much for him, but for me six children with six different women, (and I’m sure the numbers will keep on growing) is way too much for me. This man is reckless and dangerous in more ways than one and I hope that his career is now over. I hope his career is more over than Ray Rice’s. I hope all of his children grow up to be a better person than he is, which isn’t expecting much. I hope he takes his own advice and takes time to be great!!!! At least today I can say to myself “man, I knew he took HGH!” , and I feel confident that I’m right.


Ashamed To Be A Niner

Wrote 9.9.14 @ about 8:50p

I choose to end my absence from my blog with this overwhelming depressing feeing I have over my beloved San Francisco 49ers. I took a break from writing and now I’m back.

Today I want to express my deep disappointment in my favorite team because they have appeared to have become a team that I thought they would never become; A team that shields and protects it’s players from punishment as much as possible, and this makes them enablers for misconduct behavior.

I thought we were better than that. I thought we were a team of principle, higher standard, leaders amongst leaders, but they are anything but those things. I have watched over these last couple of years how the 49ers have handled off field issues and until lately with their latest arrest of Ray McDonald, it was hard for me to see the major underlying issues to the 49ers legal troubles… It’s the 49ers. Since 2010 the 49ers have led the NFL in arrests with 10, all of which seem to include crimes that are alcohol related. So over various DUI, weapons, drug, and misconduct charges the 49ers have done apparently nothing and will continue to do so.

I understand that every NFL team has some young men that go out and do what young men do…. get arrested. Hey I was one of them once, but I learned my lesson after I was held accountable for selling marijuana. I understand that young men (and women) so young people, do stupid things. This problem though with the 49ers is bigger than that. Way bigger.

When I heard about Ray McDonald’s arrest over the weekend a couple of weeks ago I could not believe it. I was livid. I mean after all the 49ers and it’s fans had been through Ray had to top it off with a felony domestic charge in the week before week 1 of the regular season and just three days after the NFL dramatically changing its domestic violence policy. Wow. I thought it was a funny nightmare I was telling a friend.

After I calmed down I thought what the 49ers might do. I thought for sure that they would sit him out until his September 15 court date, especially in the wake of the Ray Rice tragedy and the national outcry that followed. It’s never a good time or acceptable to hit a women, but this topic is so hot right now I thought the 49ers would never be this stupid. I thought he wouldn’t even practice the coming Monday and all the practices that followed until at least his court date, if it exonerates him of all charges felony or not, and if it doesn’t then we’ll all be glad that we gave those first team reps in practice to Tony Jerod-Eddie or Mr. Tank Carradine. Oh, sorry I forgot to explain why, because then we can kiss Ray Ray’s fat ass goodbye.

The 49ers have indirectly said they will cut Ray if he is guilty of domestic abuse, but the team has no credibility with me, or anybody else with a brain, heart, and backbone. Even former 49ers greats Steve Young, Ronnie Lott and Brent Jones have expressed their disappointment of their former team. They understand that as a player and 49er, you have a responsibility and duty to carry yourself highly off the field and “to not find yourself in certain situations” as Ronnie stated. What he means there is, you don’t have to be convicted in the court of law in order for the 49ers to discipline their players for a situation that obviously led to well trained police officers placing hand cuffs on him.

I want to try to end this post with a broad view of the situation because the 49ers one day will realize that what they are doing is wrong and will negatively tarnish their history and legacy forever. In contrast to what has been happening lately in the NFL world, which is a dramatic call for attention on the epidemic of domestic violence, the 49ers are choosing to be on the wrong side of the shift. They are hiding behind words like 5th amendment, constitution, and due process and while they say they will not stand for domestic violence at all there actions say differently. Unless Ray McDonald is convicted in the court of law the 49ers will do nothing. Ray RIce had videos on him and he’ll probably have a clean record in a year. Ray McDonald I imagine will be treated lightly as well and the 49ers know it. What the 49ers don’t know is how hard the public hammer can be and by standing by possible women beaters is not the thing to do now nor ever, but because how the 49ers are handling their own Ray in his own domestic dispute, they have become a team of enablers of misconduct. I think this will lead to poor team culture and we will end up much like the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins or Washington. Look at how successful those teams have been for years now. I mean unsuccessful. Teams that enable losers off the field will eventually lose on it. Champions are champions, through and through.


I’ll have more later.

Women We Need You Now, Let Us Hear You Roar!!!!

9.10.14 @ 7:53p

Women everywhere!! We need you to help us men!! We are lost, tone deaf, delusional, dangerous, irresponsible, immature, disrespectful, hurtful, and lack the compassion and care to address domestic violence in any way. In the wake of the NFL’s and Roger Goodell’s cover up of the Ray RIce domestic tragedy, and with the inspiration and leadership of Kirsten Gillibrand calling all women to take charge in a modern world, I firmly believe that these two events are not happening coincidentally, but for a reason, like fate.

Domestic violence is an issue that everyone says is horrible, but the actions taken against it to fight it say otherwise. Those actions or inactions are carried out by men, and with those inactions hollow words often precede and follow them, and this takes place of such necessary, responsible measures. Women are often the victims of domestic violence. Right now I have never been more ashamed to be a man than right now. I’m almost in tears. We need you ladies right now!!! You cannot not act. You must step up now and I am not insinuating that this is on you at all, like women allowed this to happen. You just really need to step up because men are so damn unqualified to be responsible people. I want women to lead humanity because men only seem to destroy it. You can do it!!! You can so do it!!! Lol!!! We both know it. Right?! We know how smart, sensible and caring you are? Yes!? How sensitive, virtuous, and harmonious your are? How talented, courageous, and self-less you are? How compassionate, honest, and loving you are? We need you now like a lost boy needs his mother to take charge, discipline him, teach him and then love him so that he does not remain lost and is a better man for it. A man that would never put his hands on a woman in an act of violence or any sort of unwanted contact.

Congresswoman Gillibrand and her recently released book, Off The Sidelines, has once again shed light on the fact that even men that are declared our leaders, mistreat women in a myriad of ways. In what is possibly supposed to remain as one of the most professional and dignified forums in American society, serves as an opportunity for male politicians to have a gander at what they see to be eye candy when actually it is their esteemed female colleagues. Men at every level are despicable and need to be replaced by women. I want Roger Goodell to resign his position as commissioner of the NFL and I want him to be replaced by a woman. I know that a woman can 1,000 times do a better of a job than Goodell did and then some. Actually that sentence is dumb and irrelevant because Mr. Goodell never attempted to do his job. He is a cover-up artist for the NFL, not the commissioner.

The men who run the NFL and our country (did I forget to say the world?) must be replaced by women leaders. Not ten years down the road….. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary Clinton will be elected as the first women president in two years, more women leaders like Kirsten Gillibrand will emerge in our government and around the world, the question is….. Will you be one of them? I sure hope so because when I look at you I see a leader, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do.


I love you so much mom, my sister, my grandma, and all the women in my life to an extent that can never be shared on a blog. Now I am in tears. I love all women.

Fighting For Harbaugh

3.6.14 @ 9:06p

As a lot of 49ers fans know, the local media has recently been bashing our beloved coach and team. I and other 49ers fans are incredibly sensitive, emotionally involved, and therefore biased probably on most negative reports or unwanted news about the 49ers. If journalist are doing their job then we should not shoot the messenger, or not trust someone who is knowledgeable and more importantly credible, AND who is reporting facts and not fabrications. Speculation is not journalism and misleading readers to follow stories that have false reports and exaggerations in pursuit of selling papers, or possibly now getting more “hits” on blogs and newspaper sites. Mike Florio is a perfect example of a journalist, or at least maybe was one once, who sold out to make big headlines. He reported a hollow story about a trade between the 49ers and the Cleveland Browns for Jim Harbaugh and draft picks. Later it was reported that the conversation between Jed York, the 49ers owner, and Jim Haslem, the Cleveland Browns owner, lasted a total of about 15 minutes. That’s not a serious discussion, hardly a report that should be portrayed as almost happening, but which report gets more attention and therefore more money?

Journalism is dead. I understand that attracting readers is part of the industry, but at what cost? Journalists who go out and find out the facts through and through, and hold themselves accountable for their very forgiving mistakes, not misleads, and earn our trust, hearts, minds, emotions, and to the very least our attention to whatever story that journalist chooses to write. Any smart journalist or newspaper, hell even tv network should value this as pure gold that has readers constantly seeking their articles. And not because we hate them, but because we trust them.

John Stewart is the best example of this.

It’s sad and scary when you see what damage the media can do with its thirst for money. Local journalist can even put pressure on a team, even as strong as a team as the 49ers franchise. Ray Ratto, Ann Killion and Tim Kawakami have formed a three headed media monster that breathes out SPECULATION FIRE!!!! For the past two weeks this monster has put one speculative report after another, ever since Mr. Florio’s report. That is part of the problem, maybe not everything was perfect within the 49ers organization, but nothing to this measure has there been any problems this catastrophic before Florio’s story. Local journalists have the advantage of being close to the teams they cover. So where the hell have they been? Why does it feel like these journalists are hiding behind “media blanket” that has been established by the collective media, so that now any individual journalist can say whatever bullshit they want. Why? Very good kiddies!!! Money!!! SHOW ME THE MONNNNAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I think now that this kind of chaotic journalism is not a result of reports snowballing each other, as I have said Tony Kornheiser from ESPN has explained in a recent past post, but that journalists strike when the opportunity is there. They have agendas and it does not include telling the truth.

Below is an e-mail thread between Ann Killion and I. Ann Killion is a very distinguished and award-winning journalist. Today and don’t know what the hell that means. My lesson from this is that if you write to a journalist via email they WILL respond, even though it may be an intern, and my other lesson is to write respectively, and knowledgeably supported by good argument (whether I think another party will read or not.) My writing cannot be a venting mechanism anymore. I apologize for my aggressive demeanor and language in my email below, again I am very upset by this whole media circus and war against Jim Harbaugh.

Again, yes again, I’m on a roll with this saying….. Anyway, I am emotionally invested as a die hard Niner fan. Please don’t think every journalist is like how I described above. Take everything I say with salt and follow it with your own thoughts and experiences. Their are many good, trustworthy writers out there, and right here I am promising myself and more importantly to my readers that I will be one of them. If I want readers, I’m doing it the John Stewart way.

For three years local journalists have not reported problems between Harbaugh, Baalke and Jed York to the degree that has led some to believe Harbaugh is on his way out. Ann Killion reported recently with this story, sorry if that didn’t work. She reports though how players on the 49ers have gotten tired of Harbaugh and want him out too. I had enough, so enjoy or I’m sorry. :)

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Thank you for the email.
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Subject: Why so negative?

Dear Ann,

I have not found one positive story on the 49ers from you yet. I have even visited your blog and three years back you were the same. Your story titled: “Disingenuous Jed & his inhouse 49ers hire” makes you look like an idiot today. Can you tell me who was the 2011 NFL Executive of the year, you know, the same year you wrote that bs? And now it’s new bs from you. I as a reader am going to hold you ACCOUNTABLE for the stuff you write. This is not a threat, but either through boycotting your work, or talking shit about you all over the web, I’ll do it.

I am going to hold you accountable for your most recent bs story on the Niners titled: “Harbaugh saga promises to dominate 49ers’ season”. What KEY PLAYERS? What KNOWLEDGEABLE INSIDE SOURCE? Since it is in your title I will hold you accountable for this story through the 2014 season. The season when we finally win the Super Bowl.

Looking back at your past articles are reassuring and is also why I am so bold to call us Super Bowl Champs within a year. You were wrong about Trent, Jim, and Jed then, and guess what? you are now too. If Trent Baalke the unproven “in-house hire blah blah blah” was voted as Executive of the Year that very same year, then guess what, the 49ers will win the Super Bowl this year. I know you’re a journalist who went to UCLA and Columbia and all that good shit, but how do you speak with such authority when you speak out of your ass? Is that how you’re still considered a credible journalist, because there is no dialogue and accountability? You just throw shit up on the wall and see what sticks? Is that journalism? Would you like me to find an application from FOXNEWS for you? HMMM?



Alek Bentley

Ambassador of Niner Nation (wink)
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Ann Killion, Not a Good Journalist

3.4.14 @ 10:03p

Dear Ann,

It seems to me that you love fabricating stories or love to follow the herd and add on to the snowball media outpour on Jim Harbaugh. Your story is flimsy. It says nothing new or substantial except for what you report as key players being rubbed the wrong way by Harbaugh. You also give three scenarios where you cover just about all the outcomes, I guess, and even act as the next GM to take over after Baalke leaves (with his tail between his legs) :(. A trade to Miami? Dallas? You must have some kind of crystal ball there.

Why are you trying to unravel this team? I know you feel that you are doing your job, but is adding to the chaos reporting? Especially when we have never heard of any of this shit before? I know, I know you have seen it coming the whole time. From day one the Harbaugh-Baalke relationship wouldn’t last. I wonder though. What were you writing at the hiring of Harbaugh? Or after his first season, then second or even just three months ago? I bet it wasn’t about any of this, which leads me to think that you are not a very good journalist. Reporting to us on stories that are more closer and accessible to you AFTER national media introduces the story is a sign of that. Where were you and your colleagues? Today on Pardon the Interruption on ESPN, Tony Kornheiser made a great comparison to this 49ers fiasco with Washington’s fiasco with RGIII and Shanahan. I know that didn’t work out in the end, but two things, that’s Washington and the media did not help out either party and you, Ann are not helping either. Fabricating or exaggerating on in-house issues to the national public does nothing for the 49ers, Niner Nation, or your career after the 49ers when the next Super Bowl in Arizona.

Let me interpret what your beloved “source with inside knowledge” might be telling you and why it’s not very journalistic of you to make this situation even worse.

I have played for many coaches on many teams in various sports. I disliked probably 85% of them. Coaches suck, the yell, are rude, obnoxious, and seem to have little regard for others. If players express some dissatisfaction in the locker room in any way, then that can’t be reported and interpreted and directed at Harbaugh. You can’t take other negative aspects of a season and say “Oh, that was Harbaugh too.” You don’t know that and I’m thinking your source, as inside they may be, is not a knowledgeable one. Players are upset today at coaches and then hug and kiss the same coach tomorrow. I’m sure Harbaugh at times has pissed off ALL of his players, he’s a great coach and that’s what coach’s do. You should ask Vernon Davis about a young man’s ill-contempt for a coach and how it may be good for him.

With each story the media portrays to us, and portray is the perfect word here, against the 49ers, it should be credible and not just another version of somebody else’s story with some of your own bullshit interpretation and spin on it. I watched you Ann, last week on CSN along with Ratto and Feldman, and you said you knew this day was coming. You knew that Harbaugh would just up and leave after building a team. You knew that it would never work out, NEVER. Why wasn’t any of this reported before the Florio report about the Browns trade? HMMM?!! Not good. So again to be redundant and clear, taking facts that can be interpreted in many ways, or at least explained more thoroughly is good reporting. Taking those same facts from sources and to spin and then dump on a man who is already in the media spotlight is not. You’re just adding more shit to the snowball. Stop. Please. And Go Niners.


49ers To Win 49

2.5.14 @ 9:35p

A very surprising thing happened to me the day after the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, or New Jersey. I became extremely excited for the 2014 NFL season, not depressed and sick of football. I am a self-declared NFL addict. I am interested in the NFL year round and constantly think about the 49ers and how they can get better. After watching the Seahawks win the Super Bowl in dominant fashion, I realized that the 49ers can easily do the same.

We, and I mean the 49ers, Niner Nation and I, came so close to beating the Seahawks in Seattle that we have to be encouraged rather discouraged. All of us in Niner Nation have to give the Seahawks their due and own up to being good sportsman and sportswoman within a heated rivalry. The Seahawks executed a beautiful run to the Super Bowl and if the 49ers and the rest of the NFL is not careful they may be able to win it again next year, although that is unlikely. They have great ownership and a GM that knew when to strike for a championship run with the combination of young explosive talent and that same young talent coming cheap now due to lower rookie contracts. Russel Wilson, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are the best examples of players who are due for big paydays and when that happens in a salary capped league, the team will not be able to afford other players. That is why this year and yes, probably next year is the Seahawks best window to win a Super Bowl. I say best because this team will be good for a long time along with the Niners, but they still might find these two years as the best years to get it done because football thrives on fresh young bodies that bruise other bodies. Richard Sherman and the legion of boom will age and get paid and so will Russel Wilson.

Enough of the Seahawks. They are great, but so are the 49ers. I predict the 49ers will win Super Bowl XLIX (49) not because it sounds cool, or cheesy if you’re not into themes, but because the 49ers will “strike” next year. Our new stadium will give us a home field advantage like never before. We will have an awesome draft. We will unleash the Tank (Tank Carradine). And Marcus Lattimore. We will get Bowman back sometime in the regular season and with our defense playing already stellar without him, I see that when he returns in Week 9 of the season, it will propel and launch this team right through to the path of glory….. Our sixth Lombardi trophy.

I am excited to share that I will be going to a networking event at the Warriors game against the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night. I will be socializing and impressing executives from the Warriors, 49ers, Raiders and San Jose Earthquakes. I am really excited and I hope it is the beginning of my path to glory.


Bogut Is Back

2.1.14 @ 1:15p

Suddenly I had the strong impulse to write about how youthful our dear 7 foot giant has played recently. Yes, youthful. He has been playing great on both ends of the floor continuing his dominance protecting the basket and now is showing great offense. I think youthful is the word that comes to mind when describing his play because at times it seems he thinks he is not a 7 foot tall center, but more of a guard. He doesn’t mind bringing up the ball, leading to fast break plays, I saw it last night against the Jazz. One pass on a back cut by Curry wooed the Salt Lake audience as well. If Bogut needs something to do when he retires he needs to team up with former Warrior Rony Seikaly and play professional beach volleyball. (That’s of course if Rony still plays.) The amount of extra possessions Bogut’s “tipped balls” back out to other Warrior players has led me to believe Bogut has volleyball potential.

I am writing this because it really is amazing to watch a big man that was once deemed-doomed, is now playing at a physical level few predicted we would return to. Steve Kerr, a few nights back while calling the Warriors-Clippers game on TNT, said that Bogut now looks like a former number 1 pick in a NBA draft. I have to agree and again it’s amazing that his health has rebounded the way it has, not all bodies and injuries heal especially with big men.


Curry, Thompson Among Duo Elite Offensively, Do Warriors Have Enough D?

1.17.14 @ 9:42p

This is the most exciting time to be a Golden State Warriors fan. For the first time in about 40+ years the Warriors are considered a serious contender for the Western Conference Champion to get to the NBA Finals. The last offseason when Andre Iguodala signed a four-year deal worth $48 million, was a milestone for the organization, because the Warriors never attract talent via free agency. The Warriors have made some trades that have brought in big names in the past, but to have a player that wanted to leave a team to head to the Bay is definitely progress.

The Warriors also have drafted beautifully lately, which hasn’t been the draft track record at all. The two top draft picks are obviously Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Both are 25 or younger and are considered to be the best shooting backcourt in the NBA right now, hell the world. Mark Jackson, their beloved coach has been saying the last two years now that they are the best shooting backcourt of all time. That may be exaggerating a bit or getting too excited too early, but that kind of praise is the reason why players love him so much and he may be the main reason the Warriors attracted Iguodala away from Denver. Curry and Thompson though, may have plenty of offense, they do not impose as much of a defensive threat. Curry is small, even for a guard and Thompson plays hard on both ends, but fouls too much, especially for a guard. I think what is important with the Warriors is team defense though because Curry and Thompson give their respective efforts on defense.

The Warriors have a new “defensive duo” in Iguodala and Andrew Bogut their starting center. Bogut is the first “legitimate” 7 footer, maybe since WIlt Chamberlin. By legitimate I mean good or effective player. His presence around the basket is just beautiful. He blocks and alters shots and this can have a ripple effect causing offenses to shoot from the outside instead of being more aggressive at the paint. A great defense is always head by a good big man guarding the basket. Iguodala is the “glue man” on this team in that he can have a great defensive presence in the front and backcourt. He can defend guards and forwards. So “utility defender” may be more appropriate. This is another reason why getting Iguodala was huge, to improve defense. David Lee’s defense has been debated much over the years and although he has been considered a weak interior defender, probably due to his 6’ 9” height, he has always been a great rebounder. That’s always valuable to a defense and I see his enthusiasm on that side of the floor. He has improved over the years, but since Adrew Bogut has come to town, his job has gotten a lot easier too. It’s nice to have a center finally to play with.

Tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder has little defense as Durant just hit another three and the score is 116-103 Thunder with 5:43 left to go. Wow Durant has 47!! Well what can you do? He’s Durant. Right?


For The Third Straight Year

1.13.14 @ 7:04p

With each win this 49ers team seems to embrace their road warrior path to the Super Bowl, and now that path includes the hardest place to play in the NFL, Seattle. The season started rocky for the 49ers that included a terrible loss in Seattle, but still this NFC Championship game seems fitting. It’s the dream match up for the NFC in 2013 as both teams battled each other in a sort of “arms race” to strengthen their teams to the Super Bowl. Their aggressive off seasons with many player acquisitions through trade and free agency and the draft as obvious attempts to make a run at the Super Bowl reminded people of two world super powers arming themselves with bigger bombs. Players are not bombs, but the sentiment or mentality of these two teams along with their growing rivalry , gives this game a feel of war. This is what the arms race is about, to win it all.

The matchup is the one we all want to see because this year out of the NFC the two best teams come from the same division. Two division teams usually make rivals, but this isn’t just any two division teams. This is the two best defenses in the NFL going at it, they hate each other, their coaches have history back to their college days, and everyone seems to notice that for these reasons they seems so alike. I think the most gruesome part of this rivalry is between the fans. The Seahawks organization has already helped their fan base by prohibiting California residents from purchasing Seahawks tickets to the NFC Championship game. In recent past fans have spent their own money to express their support for their team. The Seahawks fans flew a charter plane over Candlestick with the banner that read something like “Go Seahwaks!! 12th Man.” The 49ers fans responded with an electronic billboard pointing out how many Super Bowl Lombardi trophies they have and how many the 49ers have. This rivalry and upcoming game show exactly why the NFL is the most dominant professional league today, because it’s more than a league of a sport, it’s a lifestyle and passion of millions.

Back to the teams at hand. This game might be offensive to some and flat out heaven for others. Both teams have foreshadowed their obnoxious behavior and the best quality of vulgarity will come from each side. What is a mystery is how the NFL and their referees will handle this situation. Will they give many flags to both sides to try to “stomp” the added aggressiveness out? Or will they let them play and pretty much go to war. I hope to see a bit of both, which while writing this is what I think the order will be from the NFL. (Note: the NFL is not corrupt and therefore pick who to win, but I think they advise the refs to call the game they want it to be called for game control purposes.) This game will be so intense the league has to prepare their refs to diffuse situations during game, but diffuse equally.

Anyway off topic again. These two great teams, blah, blah, blah are really awesome. They are, but I feel I am about to be redundant if I haven’t been already. What I am really excited about, as a Niners fan, is seeing if we can get back to the Super Bowl and finally win it all. That would mean Harbaugh’s growth pattern started at the NFC Championship game his rookie season. After losing that playoff game to the New York Giants in close fashion, he took his team back to the playoffs and went even further to the Super Bowl. So after losing the Super Bowl last year can Harbaugh take the next step and win it all? That’s what I want to see, three years in a row, but a team getting stronger and stronger.


The Friday before the Panther game, so yesterday, before the Divisional Round match up. Let’s see if i get another week at least to grow it!! Go Niners!!

The Friday before the Panther game, so yesterday, before the Divisional Round match up. Let’s see if i get another week at least to grow it!! Go Niners!!